These are the heart and brain behind the SOAL body who are responsible in engineering thousands of the life-changing encounters 

Netanel Cahn

Founder and chief visionary, Netanel is the heart behind the company. He is a full-time motivator and a half-time mentor. With his unique ability of connecting a problem with the solution and getting people behind it is what keeps SOAL going! 

Natan Goldfarb
Logistics and Events 

Natan loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience in the catering and logistics industry, Natan has helped the company to get where it is today. 

Meghana Nair, Operations and Communications 

Meghana is the driving force behind our operations, direct communication and website design . As the first point of contact, she not only welcomes you but also serves as a guiding compass, adeptly navigating you through all your needs with precision and care.

Leon Curchack, Finance and Technology 

Leon, with his international experience in Tech with Fortune 500 companies, helps us easily smoothen all our processes and improves them. He delivers his professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.

Eden Polsky, Community Care

Eden joined SOAL nearly a year ago,  and has taken up the responsibility of the Community like it is her own. She is and excellent communicator and will ensure you are taken care of. 

Yosef Danan, Quality Assurance

Yosef is the sole reason to SOAL's improved equipment quality. He is extremely dedicated in ensuring everything you would need is in place and if not, would drive to you at any time of the night to make sure you have what you need.